Introducing konform: your Regulatory AI companion

Konform is your everyday AI regulatory companion, a chat system for regulatory documents for industries like pharmaceutical, life sciences, and medical devices, where standards and regulations compliance is critical.

Regulatory requirements are subject to frequent updates and changes and represent a huge challenge every day. Staying informed and adapting to these changes is crucial for compliance and streamlining processes.

Created, taking into consideration your needs

The private GPT chatbot tailored to
life sciences regulatory & compliance

Konform is your GPT chatbot built over your regulatory documents
Receive focused answers on what matters to you the most

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Stay Ahead of Regulatory Changes.
Receive instant alerts and updates on regulatory changes that impact your operations. Konform keeps you informed, allowing you to adapt quickly and maintain compliance effortlessly.
Get support.
Konform provides you with tailored guidance, answers your queries, and helps you with labor-intensive regulatory tasks.
Retain ownership of your data.
Konform uses local AI models and not public systems like OpenAI or Google Gemini. Your private information will never be shared with them.
AI Models.
Our AI Models are trained and automatically updated on the latest FDA, EU, and ISO regulations.
Your custom documents.
If needed, upload your company's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), fine-tuning the AI models with your policies and procedures necessary to comply with regulatory measures.
We can deploy Konform in a public cloud like AWS and Google Cloud or use your own private cloud.

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